Almería Port, Muelle de Poniente, S/N.

04002 - Almería - SPAIN


Phone: +34 950.251.682

Fax: +34 950.276.664


E-mail: info@harpoship.com

HARPO SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. is a company located in Spain at the Port of Almería, established in 1980 and devoted exclusively to the supply of all type of vessels.


With our 36 years experience as Ship chandlers we are proud to say that our clients are always fully satisfied with our service as we are able to supply exactly what they need where and when. 


Our fully qualified and experienced team is mostly multilingual in English, French, Spanish, Rumanian and Arabic, which permits us fluent comunications with vessels'Owners, Managers and Crew. 


Our strength is in our swift action; we can react to ships'requeriments in a very short time and always 24 hours, 365 days a year.


We can provide top quality products such as:


  • Provision

  • Bonded stores

  • Technical stores

  • Deck stores

  • Safety equipment

  • Nautical Charts, Books and Flags

  • Medicine

   In summary. we can provide everything that your vessel may need.




Our Major capital is our Clients;

Our Greater Satisfaction an Efficient Work.